Saturday, 26 May 2012


Well, it looks like our twitter bot is getting rather popular, but we still need more likes on facebook. I was hoping to get some feedback from all the new users. Can you suggest any more great atheist blogs etc? Any constructive criticisms? Please don't suggest your own blog and if you see someone else has suggested a blog you like, please suggest it again as I will only include those which have been repeatedly voted for this way.

At the moment we are including feeds from the following blogs and blogrolls: This site, obviously

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Freethought Blogs killed the Atheist Feed on tumblr.

Well it looks like Freethought Blogs managed to to censor The Atheist Feed on tumblr. The entire site has been removed, but not by me. You can still follow the Atheist Feed on Twitter and on Facebook and I will continue to look for new ways to read it. Here is a graph showing all the traffic that the Atheist Feed sent to Freethought Blogs over the last month. As you can see, it really started picking up in the last week or so:

Also set up a Twitter bot @freethoughtfeed, it will go dead in protest. You can still follow all the latest posts @AtheistFeedz, but I no longer wish to support Freethought Blogs' branding or logo. Perhaps they should try setting up their own Twitter bot.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Copyright violation

Just received this email. Must say I am disappointed :( Especially now, just following the recent SOPA blackout:
I am assuming that you are the same person who runs both and The
latter is aggregating -- that is, stealing -- all of the content from
Freethought Blogs, a network that I own. You do not have permission to
copy the content from and I want all posts copied
from our network removed immediately and any use of our copyrighted
material to stop. If this is not done within 72 hours, I will be
referring the matter to my attorney. Please see this:
Ed Brayton
Freethought Blogs

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Atheist Feed - now also on Facebook

Like us on Facebook:

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Launching the Atheist Feed Blog!

The Atheist Feed started as a personal project. I wanted to put all my favourite atheist websites into one feed which I could then subscribe to by email and in various readers. I'd already been mucking around with Yahoo Pipes to create torrent feeds for all my favourite TV shows etc., so I used it for blogs as well. I then began to realise that this feed was also a great way to promote all my favourite atheist websites, so I plugged the feed into Twitter and later tumblr. as well. I will keep looking for new ways to promote the Atheist Feed and would like to encourage others to do so as well, please feel free to republish this feed as much as you like and let me know where so I can link to it from here. I would also appreciate comments and feedback from Atheist Feed users about their experience and which websites they would like to see included or excluded. You can submit emails for publication here and on the Atheist Feed to